„The value comes from someone seeing ways to improve.” Aerial Direct has achieved outstanding results and amazing customer growth after going through not just one but three secret shopping experiences, which were organized by their partner Virgin Media O2 and performed by Alinea Partners. […]

Modernizing an IT company that already possesses the largest VMware share in the Nordics, yet is faced with diminishing margins, definitely needs modern solutions. That is where Alinea Partners have come to help Atea, with their new methodologies that lay the main focus not on the product, but on the customers and their needs. Atea […]
To Welcomm, an award-winning organization in the field of business communications, customer satisfaction is an absolute must. Since their first secret shopping experience and acting upon the unbiased feedback provided by Alinea Partners, Welcomm Communications has shown transformative improvements around customer experience. Alinea Partners run annual Secret Shopper experiences for the top business partners of […]



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