A New Train of Thought

Is your sales process functioning?
Do you know why people buy from you – or not?
Assess it right now!

We run all our assessments remotely. +20 languages; globally. Can you be found by today’s prospects? And, once they find you, can you close them?
  • Secret Shopper showed us just how accessible we are, and where we had to improve accessibility. It allowed us to measure how we performed from the customer point of view and also from different stages within the buying process.

    Patrik Lännerberg

    Business Area Manager — TeleComputing Sweden AB

  • Alinea Partners’ external perspective, combined with their expertise, very strong methodology, and approach, helped us discover blind spots [within our demand generation process] that we can eliminate and prevent in the future. There are still areas that need improvement, but we have a plan for this journey and see our organization is heading in the right direction.

    Christian Schipp

    Head Sales & Marketing — Ambit Group

  • Leveraging Alinea Partners’ knowledge, experience and language skills for our sales and marketing assessment programme proved to be highly important to us. Our collaboration continues to be a success; generating results beyond our initial expectations.

    Justin Turner

    Marketing Director, EMEA Field, Channel & Operations — Motorola Solutions