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We measure the sales moments that matter for hundreds of companies worldwide every year. We can tell you if a buyer will buy or abandon the sale – and why. We know the benchmarks in B2B and with many of the Fortune 500. The current buying environment is digital and virtual only. This is driving companies to quickly re-evaluate their sales capabilities to ensure they have a modern sales engine with a fully functioning buying experience.

Leahanne Hobson – CEO and Founder

Aided by a multi-lingual, multi-geographic team, Leahanne develops and implements strategies and programmes globally for companies of all sizes.

Alinea Partners consistently assesses and transforms Customer Experiences and Sales Readiness for the biggest IT/Telco companies – and their channels, globally.

We support our clients as they make major transitions from product to software, software to services, identify IP and build funnels for entirely new platforms such as Azure.

We also give our clients in-depth views of the strengths and weaknesses in their entire Sales Journey and Customer Experience and support them in optimizing their portfolios.

Before founding Alinea Partners in 2005, Leahanne accumulated decades of experience in the high technology and telecommunications industry holding senior management and European Board level roles for companies like Avaya, IBM, and Lucent Technologies.


Christian Hess, Senior Advisor

Christian, a sales and IT hybrid, has more than 20 years’ experience in identifying and developing business transition opportunities, creating go-to-market strategies, developing solution portfolios, and supporting partnerships. He has held roles ranging from operational to C-level positions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Christian is very effective in helping businesses evaluate and improve sales strategies and IT solutions for business transitions and IT migrations.



Massimo Sangiovanni, Senior Advisor

Massimo, a former Vice President of Motorola Solutions, has worked in executive roles at the forefront of fast-moving industries across all the continents for more than 20 years. He has continuously succeeded in establishing world-class organizations, creating and executing business plans (strategy, brand, marketing, and sales) to position companies with purpose and grow the business while contributing to its evolution.


Balint Ladanyi

Balint Ladanyi, Senior Advisor

Strategically agile and technology-adept business leader with 25 years of experience in devising/executing robust strategies. He has held roles ranging from operational to C-level positions worldwide. In addition to working at Alinea Partners, he is the Founder and CEO of CIOBEE Consulting, with the mission of helping companies with digital business transformation, process optimisation, strategy and business development, business continuity, and quality and ISO and other Business and Technical Compliance requirements. Recognized for building, training, and guiding cross-functional international organizations for achieving assigned targets and delivering best-in-class services to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.





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