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Bizcise helps you examine the health of your Channel ecosystem, quickly. Aggregating massive amounts of longtail external data and augmenting your internal data, bizcise provides deep data insights across all aspects of your partners‘ businesses. So, whether it’s tracking sales and marketing impact, channel program design, capacity planning or understanding the competitive landscape, bizcise can help you!

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Qollabi is on a mission to make indirect sales predictable. Qollabi Business Relationship Management Software (BRM) creates shared spaces to plan and collaborate on mutual success plans using the OKR (Objective & Key Results) methodology.

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P2P Global

P2P Global is an open ecosystem that creates a collaboration marketplace for diverse technology solution providers. P2P was created to fill skill gaps for IT projects – as no one-solution provider can do all things. It is a skill-based platform that allows members to create opportunities, identify skill gaps, and set match criteria that will automatically create others to respond – allowing you to select from a pool of top-skilled candidates for potential P2P engagements.To help solve skill gaps and provide efficient collaboration, P2P Global’s platform now combines the ability to partner and provides easy access to Skillsoft Global Knowledge’s best-of-breed training for Solution Provider’s internal use and for resale to their customers. 

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