You ask, we deliver!

You ask, we deliver!

You ask we deliver

The results of our latest poll showed that you wish to see more behind the scenes material to get to know the Alinea Partners team. Luckily, we have a brand-new edition of Meet the Team for you. This time: Alexandra Szabad!

As you might’ve guessed, Alexandra loves coffee. Her particular weakness? #Nespresso. The look, the smell, and the excellent #customerservice all add up to the amazing ambiance of the brand experience. Alexandra vividly remembers her first day at Alinea Partners after reaching out to CEO Leahanne Hobson for an internship. She noticed the Nespresso machine and immediately knew she’d feel right at home!

In the meantime, Alexandra finished her internship with flying colors. Of course, she still works at Alinea Partners. Now, she is responsible for co-writing social content, managing the promotion plan for the Azure Acceleration program and the purchase of one more Nespresso machine and corresponding recycling bags. Her energetic, vibrant and adventurous spirit is a much valued asset to the Alinea Partners’ team.

Next time, get ready to meet another valued member of our organization!

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