Winning Azure Migrations webinar!

Winning Azure Migrations webinar!


Alinea Partners returns today by popular demand with another Winning Azure Migrations webinar!

Are you meeting your Azure goals?

Have you built the right strategic stories for your Azure prospects and customers?

Are your customers going to be the same in the next 24 months?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you want to grow your Azure business beyond early adopters who are coming to you already. Based on our research of 100s of Microsoft partners, we have a lot of Azure Benchmarking and Best Practice data that we will share today.

What will be discussed in today’s webinar?

– How to get into a strategic vs. technical discussion with clients about Azure Migrations
– How to shorten time to close Azure Migration Deals by up to 90%
– New Azure Migration Viability Tools, developed by our cooperation partner The CloudLab – We Azure you, we’ll make it simple
– Your Azure questions

You can still join today’s webinar at 17.00 pm at Speaker and CEO Leahanne Hobson will be available to chat about Azure.

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