Who are you inspiring?

Who are you inspiring?

Who are you inspiring this week?

The past few months, the Alinea Partners’ team has been meeting virtually to explore new business ideas, share creative thoughts, and write and create content together.

During these “Inspiration Sessions” we’re working together to achieve a common goal on #LinkedIn by putting our individual strengths to use and telling our unique stories.

These strengths?

Christian’s humor.

Balint’s writing skills.

Niko’s one-of-a-kind insights.

Alexandra’s passion.

Giovanni’s unique views.

Jázmin’s creativity.

And of course Leahanne’s ability to connect all those assets and make all ends meet.

Particularly in times like these, it’s important to keep the inspiration flowing and to not just virtually meet for mandatory business calls. Getting a completely new perspective on your views from different people, while having FUN, can give you just the right idea and motivation for a new plan or project.

Or the next #1 viral LinkedIn post.

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