What’s your Saleability Score?

What’s your Saleability Score?

What's your Saleability Score?

Are you a learning organization? Do you constantly look for best practices and ways to offer an even better customer experience? Then you need a sound plan to make progress and distinguish yourself from competitors. Your gateway to creating it: measuring your Saleability and Customer Experience Index Scores.

Mapping the journey from A to Z

Let us introduce you to two terms from our Sales Journey Assessment: the Customer Experience Index Score, which reflects the overall experience when buying from your company, and the Saleability Score, which ranks the sales part of the process. You can use these scores to establish a baseline (status quo) and goal (desired state), or to compare several things: multi-country offices, direct versus indirect sales, different solutions, and various target audiences.

The road to a positive score might be paved with minus signs

The Customer Experience Index Score is similar to the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a proven metric that measures customer experience and predicts business growth. Companies score on a scale between -100 and +100. The higher your score, the better you perform. But only few rank high from the start. Whether it’s sales channels, Google rankings, proposals, purchasing, onboarding, or customer service, the buying process is likely lacking in some respects.

Most companies score between 0 and -50 the first time they’re assessed. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because the Customer Experience Index and Saleability Scores provide them with a foundation from which they can make improvements, so they’ll move up their scores.

Want a high Saleability Score? Start by following these 3 tips!

  1. Answer the phone. That should go without saying, right? Except it doesn’t. A baffling number of IT vendors send prospective customers straight to voicemail or don’t answer emails at all. Whether it’s due to a technical, process, or people’s issue, the results are the same: many lost sales.
  2. Evaluate the quality of your due diligence (or first) call. Sales reps should do more listening than talking, be consultative, and ask questions the customer hasn’t thought of but that come in useful. Alinea Partners’ best practice research demonstrates that companies which nail the due diligence call have an 83% higher chance of closing the deal. So go ahead. Up your chances.
  3. Make sure you understand why and how often sales are abandoned. It might be due to processes, technologies, or strategies, among other things. You can only eliminate obstacles if you’re able to pinpoint where they spring up.

Want to discover your Customer Experience Index and Saleability Scores? Don’t hesitate to contact us Customer.Experience@Alinea-Partners.com so we can discuss your opportunities.