We’re moving on!

We’re moving on!

Leahanne Hobson

The question is, are you moving with us or staying behind?

Based on our assessments of +550 companies globally, many IT channel partners are still selling IT very transactionally. Their focus is still on the “product” vs. consulting with a prospect.

And consequently, they’re losing business.

Today’s buyers need a more value-based selling process. Technology is a great enabler, but there are so many options – which can make it all very complex.

Buyers want advise on what to do and how to reach their business goals. If better technology can help them do it, all the better. And if a reseller can eliminate that complexity and support their business – even better! You’ve just earned a customer for life.

On a side note: this is also great for the profitability margins of resellers who are able to offer managed services – be they built, bought, or partnered.

What is your approach to adding better #CustomerExperience and more profit to your business?

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