We saw a real need and we had the data to back it up

We saw a real need and we had the data to back it up

The second episode from the Azure Acceleration campaign will give you a little background on the program. The reasons Alinea Partners saw the significance in designing this program.

Through extensive research, performed on over 450 companies worldwide, we easily recognized certain products and services companies struggle to sell. We found that most businesses still have trouble selling #Azure. From our research, we are able to identify the pain points in selling Azure. However, we are also able to detect where in the sales process companies are thriving.

In this highly competitive market, most companies are still trying to sell Azure as a technology. Yet, our research shows that 63% of today’s buyers are not in IT. These buyers want a business solution which will help them operate more effectively, securely, and compliantly. Not to mention the increasing demand for better remote opportunities. They do not want to talk about Azure or the Cloud.

Ready to learn more about the unique nature of our programs and some crucial examples on how to selling Azure more effectively?

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