Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Assessing Your Buyer’s Journey

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Assessing Your Buyer’s Journey


Yes, if you haven’t bothered to professionally assess your buyer’s journey, you are losing money (maybe lots of it). Care to know why?

You already know that quality of service is one of the most important elements for customer retention. Still, common practice has been to be our own judges of the service quality we offer. The modern online world has changed that drastically, giving the power to the buyer. And, let’s be honest, we don’t tend to be great judges of our own shortcomings–or of our competitive advantages. Now, you might say that you’re not like the rest, that you actually ask your customers how well you are doing. Well, that’s great. It really is. Except that that’s unlikely enough.

The first challenge is that you never get to speak to all those buyers who abandon you before you notice it. Then there are all those customers who don’t want to be bothered with questionnaires or surveys or anything of the sort. That already makes the limited information you might receive from a few customers biased. And even among those customers who care to share, beyond how friendly or fast your personnel and online platforms are, most of them wouldn’t be able to tell you what you’re really doing wrong. Your average customer won’t know that your online sales process is based on the wrong target market assumptions. They can’t assess where you’re losing revenue, how mismatched the solutions you offer are, or the level of clarity of your sales strategies.

An average customer might be able to tell you that they didn’t like the interaction with one of your representatives but few of them will be able to correctly evaluate your overall sales abandonment issues.

The list goes on … issues that our extensive research shows will quickly translate into lost sales:

60% of companies do not close the opportunities they have

66% cannot be found due to problems with their online presence

86% of companies in total are losing due to a variety of sales issues

That’s a lot of money lost right there, and that’s just the surface. If you don’t routinely assess your buyer’s journey, chances are you are part of the above statistics.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.


When mystery shopping started many decades ago, it was mainly used as a measure against petty internal breaches like theft. But those times are long gone. It took no time for businesses to realize its power to effectively evaluate customer service. Long story short, mystery shopping became a multi-billion industry over the years – especially in the B2C market where it is routinely conducted in retail outlets to stay at the top of the game. Why? Simple: feedback is unbiased, professional, based on well-defined criteria and a proven methodology. Guided by experts who help them tweak and optimize their sales processes, businesses can continue to focus on creating outstanding products and services.

We at Alinea Partners decided to take those good old principles and create one of the most comprehensive, reliable, and professional Sales Experience Assessments for today’s B2B sellers. Having analyzed 500+ sales journeys to date worldwide, we provide a scientific, in-depth analysis of your entire sales journey, identifying strengths and weaknesses in 160+ different areas. We can locate all the major gaps, pain points and areas of excellence for you and deliver effective recommendations for improvement. For certain customers, we even offer a Sales Journey Assessment Subscription, your uniquely constructed guide for identifying the areas of abandonment within your buyer’s journey and one through which your sales growth can be constantly fueled.

Stop losing. Start assessing.

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