Understanding the New Buyer

How to Optimise Your Website to Appeal to New Buying Behaviours


This action-packed workshop is designed to give an overview of the New Buyer – the behavioural changes we are seeing and why they are happening.

In addition, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to update your website to appeal to new buyers. Covering 10 themes and sub-themes, we will walk you through best practices from recently completed research for a global IT company on 38 different business partners websites in five different languages. We will show you how to turn your website from marketing ‘brochure-ware’ to an extension of your sales team.

Course agenda


  • Understanding Today’s Buyer – Behaviours are changing and marketing practitioners need to understand these changes and the new buying and Buyer behaviours that are affecting the way companies go-to-market. Learn about the changes and the behaviours we are seeing so you are able to alter your marketing plans and programs to meet these changing needs.
  • Extending Your Salesforce Through Your Website – With the average Buyer doing 50-80% of their shopping research online – even before they consider buying, companies need to move beyond having a website as a branding or information source. Join this workshop and learn about Alinea Partners Consulting’s most recent web assessment projects, covering the research methodology, our learnings, anecdotes and recommendations.
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Who should attend ?

  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Strategy Managers
  • Business Partner Channel Managers
  • Enterprise Change Managers
  • Product & Project Managers
  • Business Coaches and Trainers