Time to celebrate a milestone!

Time to celebrate a milestone!

Alinea Partners reached 500 followers on LinkedIn. Thank you to everyone who follows our journey, stories, podcasts, and more!

You’ve met (most of) the Alinea Partners team, answered a lot of our polls and sat with us through some amazing moments. Some of the highlights?

Our Sales Experience Assessment program got mentioned at this year’s first ever digital global #MSInspire event. It was called the ‘unsung hero’ of the community. We’re particularly #proud our program is considered to be one of the most beneficial tools around.

You eagerly participated in our Winning Azure Migrations webinars with CEO Leahanne Hobson and senior advisor Christian Hess. We talked about getting into strategic discussions with your Azure clients instead of technical ones, and discussed how to shorten time to close your deals by up to 90%. Who doesn’t like the odds of that?

And let’s not forget your great reactions to the founding of Alinea Partners 15 (and a half!) years ago. That’s when it all started and Leahanne Hobson decided to prioritize the customer over anything else, at all times.

And we still do so today.

On to the next 500 followers!

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