Three’s a charm!

Three’s a charm!


And especially today, because you’re about to meet the third member of the Alinea Partners team: .

Carmen has been the finance administrator for Alinea Partners for over 2 years now. She and Leahanne partly walked the same path, in the sense that they both moved from the USA to Vienna, Austria. The greatest difference, however, is that Carmen’s story didn’t start on the mainland.

She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. That’s where she got her habit to not wear any socks – all the students used to walk around in flipflops, so now she prefers sandals over anything. Combine this with the wonderful weather, friendly people and stress free and hang loose spirit, and you’ll understand why Hawaii is her favorite place in the world.

If we’d have been there, we’d probably agree with her!

Now, she’s more than happy on European grounds. As is Giovanni Melillo Kostner, who is next in line for you to meet!