Three, two, one, action!

Three, two, one, action!

Three, two, one, action!

What was the Alinea Partners Team up to last week?

A little bit far from the usual events of the work week, Alinea Partners was shooting some promotional content for the Azure Acceleration programme. With the help of Anna, the makeup artist, Johannes Püller, the videographer, and Giovanni Melillo Kostner, who was kind enough to provide the food and beverages, we had a successful day recording some exciting content.

Our host, Alexandra Szabad, interviewed, Leahanne Hobson, CEO/Founder of Alinea Partners all things relating to Azure. From the lessons Leahanne learned early in her career all the way to opinions of what color Leahanne would be is she was Azure; we cover all topics.

You can find more details on our Azure Acceleration programmes on our website or you can schedule a free 30-min consultation session with us to get more information about the programmes.

Anyone else think that the Alinea Partners Team should start their own talk show?

If you want to see some more behind the scenes shots, go check out the Alinea Partners Instagram page!

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