Thought you’d met the entire Alinea Partners team yet?

Thought you’d met the entire Alinea Partners team yet?

Rodrigo Camacho

Not even close. 😉

Today we’re introducing Rodrigo Camacho, our much valued copywriter. As we’ve hinted in our last Meet the Team post with Ksenia Klubova, he too likes to travel and wander around the world. His favorite place at the moment is the wild Atlantic ocean coast. In these cold autumn days, who could blame him?

Rodrigo considers himself to be very fortunate to spend most of his time doing what he loves. He couldn’t imagine himself doing anything different than what he’s doing today. Other words than ‘fortunate’ to describe him? Curious, fulfilled, and retrospective come to mind. Some things that are very well reflected in his love for books and writing.

Books and their knowledge and imagination are also what keep him in check regarding his common sense and intuition to navigate through life. By relying on his own experiences and not blindly taking any assumptions from others, Rodrigo finds himself to be at his happiest state. Who needs a mentor when they have themselves to lean on?

Get ready to meet another valued member of our team on the next one!

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