There’s still a lot to learn about the team of Alinea Partners

There’s still a lot to learn about the team of Alinea Partners


Today, we’re meeting Giovanni Melillo Kostner, our very own Experience Manager. As we did the other team members, we asked Giovanni some fun questions to get to know him like nobody else!

His favorite city is a fascinating one. Not Auroville, not Arcosanti, not Brasilia or Bilbao (all of them being the so-called ‘ideal city’) but Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia would be Giovanni’s city of choice. Why? The people’s mindset is incredible. The city was founded in a nomadic way 4 centuries ago and changed place about 30 times before settling down in the actual location. No wonder Giovanni feels connected with this place, since his mindset is quite inspiring as well.

When asked what’s the worst job he ever had, he can honestly say he has nothing but good memories of his previous jobs. In his opinion, sometimes the worst job is actually the best one in terms of overcoming your own boundaries. He believes “jobs” are like challenges helping you grow in the society you’re living in. If that isn’t a great view on life!

Next time, Alexandra Szabad will be answering these and other questions too. Keep posted!