Successfully selling Azure Migrate – it’s a challenge

Successfully selling Azure Migrate – it’s a challenge

But not an impossible one.

Together with The CloudLab, we’ll make selling Azure easier for you.

Traditionally, Azure is being sold as a very complex, technical platform. Usually, sales reps start the selling process by talking to their customer’s IT departments and create a technical architecture. This is just one of many problems to this approach.

Sales reps would be much more successful if they talked to their customer’s decision makers directly, and if they focused on the business advantages that will help them to reach their strategic goals. Azure should be that enabler.

CEOs want to buy a business solution – not another complicated technical product they don’t understand.

This is just one of many ways you could improve your Azure sales. In the upcoming months, Alinea Partners and The CloudLab will jointly share their views, experiences, and best practices on how to sell Azure profitably.

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