Stop selling Azure!

Stop selling Azure!

Start selling a business opportunity.

More often than not, companies selling Azure cannot be found by net new buyers – people who do not know you already. And, many are not able to close the deal, regardless whether they are being found or not. Those doing it well are taking all the prospects.

These are findings from our in-house research, looking at +450 different organizations in IT and telecommunications worldwide. Where are they struggling and what do they need to improve?

These are our observations:

✅ Finding the right end users – they are no longer just in the IT department
✅ Starting business outcome-based conversations instead of technical or product oriented ones
✅ Being equipped with the right skill sets and enough resources to ‘not talk Azure’
✅ Having Smart Azure Calculator tools to produce customer-facing business outcome based proposals
✅ And more…

If you’re interested in a 30-minute consultation in order to discuss these and other findings, leave a comment down below. We’re very happy to go into more detail, show you our research and help you grow your Azure business!

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