Secret Shopper Stories #2

Secret Shopper Stories #2

No buying journey is perfect.

But there’s something you can do to get one step closer to that!

All of our Secret Shopper clients want to improve their buying journeys in one way or another. Luckily, some of them are already on the right track, so our Buyers have some great Secret Shopper Stories to share with you as well.

When one of our Buyers tried to contact the company they were Shopping, they were not only available on the first try – they were also instantly forwarded to the right Sales Representative.

On her turn, the Sales Rep immediately jumped in with her personal expertise. Letting our Buyer know that she understood their unique situation and knew what problems they were struggling with. This made our Buyer trust that the right solution would, in fact, be proposed for their current circumstance.

Creating a connection and building trust is one of the most important aspects of your buying journey. This company did a great job on getting into the “trust zone” of our Buyer.

This will help you, too, to get you a lot closer to that ‘perfect’ customer and prospect experience!