Secret Shopper Stories #1

Secret Shopper Stories #1

What makes a buying experience good or bad?

Ask one of our Secret Shoppers and the stories won’t stop coming. This got us thinking, what stories are still untold?

This is the first of the #SecretShopperStories series. Our buyers let us in on their most notable experiences while trying to purchase from companies globally. Let’s start with an illustration of one of the biggest issues in #CX.

Trying to buy some office software, our buyer called the target company 3 times before getting an answer.

The receptionist picked up the telephone. When our buyer asked to speak to a sales rep, it wasn’t possible at that time. ‘But you can write an email.’

Our buyer was obviously disappointed.

They could’ve done several things to improve the experience:
– Have the phone answered by a sales rep
– Put us through to a sales rep
– Give us the phone number of a sales rep so we could call them
– Ensure our buyer that a return call would be made in the next 30 minutes – and do so

Do you know if this is happening in your company too? Our Secret Shopper program helps identifying, understanding and solving these issues, so you can truly delight your buyers and leave them with a positive experience every time they buy from you.