Satisfied vs Disappointed

Satisfied vs Disappointed

Satisfied vs. disappointed.

How do you think your buyers feel throughout most of your buying process?

Our buyers are ready to share some more #SecretShopperStories with you. In this series, they let us in on their most notable global experiences while trying to purchase from companies.

So how would 𝘺𝘰𝘶 want to feel when buying a product or service?

Special? Thrilled? As a unique buyer with unique needs?

If that’s the case, why is it that many buyers feel confused, frustrated and lost?

All buyers – our Secret Shoppers and your ‘real’ prospects and customers – enter the buying journey with certain expectations. Many times, those expectations aren’t met. That’s why buyers often find themselves starting off happy, but feeling just a little bit more disappointed every step closer they get to the actual moment of buying.

So how do you keep your buyers satisfied?

– Know exactly who your buyers are and what they need
– Make it easy for them to buy from you
– Meet or excel their expectations, even after they bought from you

There’s more. Our #SecretShopper program helps you optimize your entire #BuyingJourney, so buyers will always leave satisfied and happy after they purchase from you and become customers.