We open the lid on a sales process that too many businesses leave to chance: the buyer’s journey. We assess +160 elements of your specific buyer’s journey, providing feedback and recommendations for improvements based on +350 assessments completed globally.

Using a carefully constructed persona, we reveal how a buyer experiences your sales offer. The Sales Journey Assessment drills down into every relevant detail, including how calls, emails, and website visits are all perceived leading to proposal development and a sale.

Why do you need this programme?

We’ve analysed hundreds of sales journeys worldwide. Though each buying experience is unique and should be shopped objectively for relevant results, we’ve identified the following general improvement areas:

  • Sales abandonment issues
  • Lost revenue and profit
  • Dated technology
  • Wrong assumptions about buyers
  • Mismatched solutions
  • Unclear sales strategies
  • Suboptimal consultative and technical selling skills
  • Awkward or overly expensive automation processes
  • Inadequate solution landing pages
  • Lack of proactivity

Have your service performance measured as we bring the voice of the buyer to your sales process, reinforcing strengths in the buyer’s experience and providing actionable feedback.

  • This was a great project. And the Secret Shopper title is certainly correct. The person who handled most of the incoming communications from the Secret Shopper never noticed anything unusual!

    Emile Stam

    Marketing & Communication Manager — Open Line

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