The best way to improve your sales performance

On your website and all sales channels can be tiresome. If you are searching for a way how to continuously improve sales and increase revenue through enhancing your customer’s experience, we have a solution for you.

Our Sales Journey Assessment can locate all gaps, identify major pain points, and give suggestions on needed changes and improvements. With an annual subscription you will get a set of periodical reviews of your typical customer journey scenarios, mapping all problematic purchase stages and breaking points in your purchase funnel.

This service can help you in making routine business health checks, accelerating your business growth by increasing conversion and driving sales, and reaching all your business goals and targets. And the Net Promoter Score® scores will also surely rise, as you will be able to deliver a hugely improved experience to your customers.

Increase sales by improving your customer’s journey

  • 60% of companies do not close the opportunities they have
  • 66% cannot be found due to problems with their online presence
  • 86% of companies in total are losing sales due to sales funnel issues

We provide a scientific, in-depth analysis of your whole sales journey based on a 160-points assessment, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and delivering recommendations for improvement. The final report is a comprehensive overview of your company’s ability to acquire, convert and retain customers.

You will get regular updates on best practices and benchmarks, based on +550 sales journeys already analyzed by our team of experts. We will provide a drill-down on key program areas, such as solution mapping, social selling and demand generation. Besides that, you will also get a personalized study about your typical customers and their connection with your current value proposition.

Our service can help you:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Remove customer pain points
  • Minimize online or offline shop drop-off
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Fuel sales growth
  • I am really excited about what we will gain from the insights this generates.

    Niel Bolton

    Global Product Manager — Vodafone

Your 12-Month, Renewable Subscription Service includes:

  • Three (3) Sales Journey Assessments per year. Choose locations, languages, workloads, personas
  • Personalised Customer Experience Case Study Development
  • Regular Webinars on key Sales Journey Best Practices and Findings
  • Anytime Concierge Service assistance with Improvement Plan creation, access to Best Practices and Benchmarks and/or sessions with Subject Matter Experts on ‘How To’ get started in key program areas such as Solution Mapping, Value Propositions/Messaging, Social Selling and Demand Generation Engine Creation
  • Recommendations or Referrals to additional resources, sources or connections
  • Contact us any time

If you are trying to find ways how to continuously improve your online or offline sales, our Sales Journey Assessment Subscription service is the solution you are looking for.

Contact us now to hear more details on how this program can help you and your company!