Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries

Would you buy from a company that violated your personal boundaries?

Of course not.

Then why is it that this happens a lot and most companies don’t even realize it?

Imagine this:

As a technology vendor, you’re looking for a partner to compliment your portfolio. The company’s website you’re visiting, directs you to a page where they explain their offer. You’re searching for the terms and conditions of a partnership, but can’t find it. You call the partner manager to be sure.

“All the information is on the website,” they tell you, but you ensure them it isn’t. “Well, you have to register first.”

You tell them you don’t want to register yet, because first you want to know the terms and conditions of being a partner.

“I’m sorry, you really have to register first.”

That’s odd. Without all the information, you can’t and don’t want to make the decision to become a partner. Feeling a little uncomfortable, you hang up the telephone. This really doesn’t feel right.

We come across scenarios like this on a daily basis when we Secret Shop. Quite subtle ones like this, and more obvious ones.

The trust of your partners is a powerful and delicate thing. Don’t break it.a group of people sitting at a table with a laptop