One Size Fits Most

One Size Fits Most

This morning I received socks.

Yes. Socks.

A well-known high technology company sent me socks.

They sent them from California. Via FedEx.


I don’t know.

They sent them without any message. No rhyme or reason. No call-to-action.


Don’t get me wrong.

They are very nice socks.

But why socks? And why me?  And why no message?  Am I the only one?

Did anyone else get socks?

This company has presumably put a lot of time and money into this effort.

💡 They met and thought ‘Hey! Socks! Socks will be a good idea!’

💡 They found a company to make these socks and had a certain number made – including a pair just for me!

💡 They found an outside agency and paid them to mail these socks (I know because they are listed on the return address)

💡 They sent them via FedEx (not regular mail) overseas from California to Vienna, Austria. These socks were in a hurry!

I think One Size Fits Most actually explains a lot.

I am not the target audience. This company is not a client of ours (although they should be). I have not done any favors for anyone there except leaving their name out of this post.

Either the company has so much extra money they can afford to randomly gift people around the world or someone just made a mistake, or they are not in tune with their customers and prospects. I suspect the latter.

Next time, before sending me another gift, why not consider letting us help you by:

⚙️ Reaching out to your existing customers to find out why they buy from you to create real target buyer personas

⚙️ Secret Shopping you or your partners to see what the actual experience is like to buy your software – and where improvements can be made

⚙️ Creating a value proposition beyond price

⚙️ Reviewing your sales and marketing plans to ensure impactful revenue-generating activities vs. merchandising trash and trinkets

There are many, many other ways we could help you.

First, and foremost, thank you for the socks. I am not unappreciative, just disappointed at the fundamental lack of go-to-market knowledge this initiative demonstrated.

What about you?

Did anyone else get socks?