Develop new offers as part of your digital transformation to expand your portfolio.

About the service

Developing offers from a nontechnical perspective based on business outcomes and insights into your existing customer domain and capabilities.


Partner benefits

After running through due diligence, you will receive an overview for potential solution areas to be added to your portfolio to increase your customer value and help grow your business. One solution will be selected. We help you prepare the nontechnical part where you will receive:

  • Filled offer canvas for selected solution offer
  • Cross & upsell paths for higher customer profitability
  • Sales Triggers & Motions and a Solution Sales Brief
  • Train internal Sales & Marketing team on business-outcome based solution
  • Guidance for technical part of offer development

Due Diligence

  • Analyze existing customer base and processes to identify business potential and areas or required improvements
  • Identify short-term solutions on Azure to address identified whitespaces for cross/upsell

Define Offers

  • Define offer descriptions, propositions, business drivers and personas for identified Azure solution areas

Value Proposition

  • Adjust overall value proposition

Sales Motions

  • Define sales motions & triggers for identified Azure based offer
  • Create a Solution Sales Brief
  • Train marketing & sales teams for new solution and adjusted sales tactics

Along the process of supporting, you with developing your offer, we run different sessions with you and your colleagues from Sales, Marketing, and the leadership team.