Microsoft grew its Azure business 50% last quarter

Microsoft grew its Azure business 50% last quarter

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How much did you increase your Azure business?

Closing Azure Migration opportunities can be a long process, tying up resources for extensive amounts of time.

It doesn’t have to work this way though!

Based on our global research in Best Practices, we are seeing the most success when sales teams turn the Azure sales process around and bring the strategic discussion upfront. The majority of companies are still doing the IT part upfront. Aim at business decision makers for a choice based on commercial benefits. This way, you will be winning at Azure Migrations before you know it.

To help you get started, Alinea Partners will host a 30-minute LinkedIn webinar next Tuesday at 9.00 am. This webinar will include:

– How to optimize your Azure sales process
– How to improve your closing rates for Azure Migration Deals

We have various speakers, among which CEO Leahanne Hobson.

Join tomorrow’s Winning Azure Migrations webinar at: