Membership Has Its Privileges! … by American Express

Membership Has Its Privileges! … by American Express

Thought you knew all there was to know about Sales Journey Optimisation? Are you crystal clear on where prospects enjoy their experience with your company? Where there are challenges in getting the information buyers want – how they want it – when buying from you? And what about post purchase? Do you know where your company excels and is highly competitive in delivery, activations and getting started? Our clients do and they have pushed us to offer them even more.

Based on client demand, Alinea Partners is proud to introduce our Sales Journey Assessment Subscription Service for high performing companies that take excellence in customer experiences seriously.

So, what is Alinea Partners’ Sales Journey Assessment Subscription Service exactly?

The Sales Journey Assessment Subscription service is an annual subscription program. It is your uniquely constructed guide for identifying the areas of abandonment within your buyer’s journey. We provide updates on best practices and benchmarks based on previous experience, as well as analysis of +500 sales journey assessments carried out by our team of experts. Through periodic reviews, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of your specific sales journey, giving constant suggestions on improvements and changes needed in order to achieve your desired closure rates.

Your 12-Month, Renewable Subscription Service includes:

  • Three (3) Sales Journey Assessments per year. Choose locations, languages, workloads, personas.
  • Personalised Customer Experience Case Study Development
  • Regular Webinars on key Sales Journey Best Practices and Findings
  • Anytime Concierge Service assistance with Improvement Plan creation, access to Best Practices and Benchmarks and/or sessions with Subject Matter Experts on ‘How To’ get started in key program areas such as Solution Mapping, Value Propositions/Messaging, Social Selling and Demand Generation Engine Creation
  • Recommendations or Referrals to additional resources, sources or connections
  • Contact us any time

So why do YOU need this service?

Despite all the research and many businesses being in this industry for years, countless continue to make the same mistakes. Throughout our years of working globally in 20+ languages with Microsoft, Xerox, many global CSPs, MSPs and telecommunications companies (we cannot tell you all of them) we have found that 60% of companies do not close the opportunities they have when in contact with buyers and 66% cannot be found due to problems with their online presence.

This is where we step in.

Though no buyer journey is the same, we use our scientific analysis of the whole sales journey based on an exhaustive, proven Methodology with 160+ point assessment. Using a carefully constructed persona, it reveals how a buyer experiences a sales experience. Sales Journey Assessments drill down into every relevant detail, including how calls, emails and website visits are all perceived.

Our service will not only help improve your customer experience and closure rates, but it will reduce buyer abandonment rates and drive better consumption of your service to increase customer loyalty and accelerate business growth.

If your company is searching for ways in which to continuously improve your offline and online sales, and you want to stay at the top of your game all year, our Sales Journey Assessment Subscription Service is the solution you are searching for.