Make higher margins selling Azure

Make higher margins selling Azure

Want to make higher margins selling #Azure?

Here are a few tips:

1. Offer Azure as a managed service rather than simply reselling plain resources on Azure

Managed Services will help you strengthen relationships with customers and are more attractive to prospects. And they give you a higher margin opportunity in addition to reselling incentive.

2. Tune the workloads

Did you take a look into rightsizing, snoozing or committing to multiple years? That can add a lot to your margin. Most importantly, pick the best subscription of your operating system – this can also help you optimize costs. Based on this, simply model what share of these optimizations will be passed on to the customer as the Managed Service.

3. Validate your Azure bill when already offering Azure Managed Services

Are you sure you are utilizing all your options for optimization? Better check that. We have seen partners save up to 20-25% on their bills.

Using the Smart Azure Calculator can help you model your Azure proposals easily and let you find better options for profitability while also delivering a great business case to prospects and customers.

Interested in a demo of the Azure Smart Calculator? Message us.

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