Looking for new customers?

Looking for new customers?

For many sales and marketing teams, new customer acquisition plays a big role in reaching the company sales targets – or not.

A common mistake companies make in prospecting is approaching a Buyer with the same messaging, processes and tactics as a Customer.

These are two different target Personas and should be treated as such.

The expectations of today’s Buyers have changed significantly in the last year.
Tolerance levels for bad buying experiences have lowered, and Buyers abandon bad buying processes to buy from someone else much faster than they would have a year ago.

To identify the needs of potential Buyers, the best practice is for companies to actively and without biases bring the Voice of the Buyer into experience development and assessment.

Stay with us if you are looking to strengthen your buying journey and feel free to have a chat with someone from our team.
Leahanne Hobson Christian Hess Balint Ladanyi

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