Look in the mirror. What do you see?

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

The greatest gift a #CEO#sales, or #marketing expert can give a company is to demonstrate exactly what it feels like for people to buy from them.

Help them step outside their daily lives and hold a mirror up to the buying experience.

Yes. In high tech. Yes. In B2B. Understand in detail.
Can your prospects find you?
And once they do, can you sell to them?

So, what might that experience look like?

Let’s pretend I am your Buyer and I am annoyed with my current mobile subscriptions, CRM, invoicing, collaboration software, or office laptops or it just is not meeting my current needs. Let’s assume I work for a mid-sized company and I’m not in the IT department. A change is needed. What might I do?

First, I’d go to Google. So, the question to you is – knowing this, are you satisfied with your search results? Do you know what they are for someone outside your company? Have you optimized paid and unpaid options in your entire digital footprint?

Once I find you, I will most likely go to your website. Here is where you need to be different to stand out from all those other companies I googled. Remember, I am not particularly technical and if I am overwhelmed with features and functions, I’ll leave your website. If the offer is too cumbersome for someone outside the industry to understand, I’ll abandon the potential sale. Have you identified outside research on what Benchmarks are in the industry for creating relevant websites that are part of your sales team? Have you viewed your website from a prospect’s eyes?

So, now you have made it to my Short List.

You are one of the company’s I want to contact.

Are all contact options working?  Are they bringing me farther into your sales process? Is there anything clumsy or just not top of the game competitively? Do you know?

This process continues through to me buying on your website and/or receiving a proposal, a close, and customer service support.

Did you close this deal? Did your competitor? Where was their experience better / worse? Do you know?

Who should do this?

All companies should do this at least 1x per year, plus:
→ New CEOs, Sales or Marketing Leads wanting a 100-day Customer Experience/Sales Action Plan
→ Channel Directors looking to Benchmark the maturity of their Partners for investment, program additions, training, support
→ Companies that have launched a solution in the market and are not hitting their targets
→ Companies looking to grow – fast
→ Any company planning to spend significant budgets on sales or marketing activities and want to maximize their ROI
→ Companies that are obsessed with Customer Experience

Who should do this for you?

A qualified, specialized team of trained Buyers who work with a scientific methodology and have had experience buying globally in the local language.

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