Let’s share some thoughts!

Let’s share some thoughts!

Alinea Partners thinks, breathes and lives customer experience. Customer experience is so much more than picking up a ringing telephone, answering an email or sending out an offer.

It’s understanding your prospects and clients, optimizing your sales process, and generating trust.

One of the methods we use to do this is having conversations with you here in LinkedIn. Something we’re very proactive in and we also encourage our clients to do.

We create a great variety of content for our corporate LinkedIn page. We’d like to know specifically: what kind of posts do you enjoy most? Let us know by voting and elaborate in the comments down below so we can keep talking with you about what matters to you the most.

You can vote on this link: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/alinea-partners-consulting_alineapartners-customerexperience-salesexperience-activity-6707270985495699456-PLkl/

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