Let’s get a little personal with Alinea Partners!

Let’s get a little personal with Alinea Partners!


Lets get a little personal with Alinea Partners

You’re probably already familiar with our founder and CEO Leahanne Hobson, but who are the other running engines behind Alinea Partners? Today, we’re starting with a small and fun introduction of our people, kicking off with Christian Hess.

Christian is a valued member of the Alinea Partners Network for almost 8 years now, after meeting Leahanne at Microsoft 12 years ago. In his career, he had lots of memorable moments, the biggest one being organizing and running an event with Steve Ballmer in Vienna to address dotcom companies and Venture Capitals.

An incredible experience, in his words, which might or might not have had something to do anything with Vienna being Christian’s favorite city in the world. Calling it a city of silent beauty without being loud and posh, he finds it a melting pot of cultures, richness and quality of living.

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. After all, he isn’t the only one who fell in love with this beautiful Austrian city.

Until next time… when we’re meeting Massimo Sangiovanni!