Is Your Staff Getting the Most Out of Sales?

Is Your Staff Getting the Most Out of Sales?

Is Your Staff Getting the Most Out of Sales?

Did you know 86% of the IT vendors we assessed are losing sales opportunities? Pretty alarming, isn’t it? And that’s not all. Alinea Partners Worldwide Assessments show that 66% can’t be found because they don’t have a proper digital footprint, meaning potential buyers won’t consider them. On top of that, 60% are unable to close the deal (whether they’re found or not), while a mere 32.5% of potential revenue is addressed. High time to assess your company and make sure your staff is getting the most out of sales.

1. Help potential buyers find their way to your business

First things first: a prospective customer should be able to find your business on the worldwide web and get in touch with you. Here’s a list you need to tick off:

• Your company ranks high in Google (page 1-3).

• Your website content resonates with the buyer you want to attract.

• Your website sparks buyers’ interest to such an extent they want to find out more about how your company can help them address their business needs.

• Your contact forms work.

• Sales reps follow up on calls by delivering professional proposals in a timely manner.

• Your emails don’t look like spam.

2. Engage the buyer

We found that in 100% of the closed deals, the salesperson was leading the sales process. This means you should do more listening than talking, so you can delight the customer by bringing up something they didn’t know. What’s important is that you don’t consider your product as a single unit and have a solid upsell strategy in place. If, for example, a customer wants to buy 5 laptops, you can ask whether they also require a software package you happen to provide. Embrace this type of solution mapping, and you’ll develop a long-term relationship with someone who otherwise might have been a one-time customer.

The key is to go beyond the typical BANT questions so you’ll fathom your buyer’s requirements, decision-making process, approvers, and timelines. By way of inspiration, here are three additional questions you can ask:

• Why is your company making this purchase now?

• What specific challenge are you trying to solve?

• What does the approval process look like?

Do you want to assess whether your staff is getting the most out of sales, and are you keen on fixing any lurking issues? A Sales Experience Assessment provides the science-based insights you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your opportunities.