If You Sell Technology, It’s Time to Get Personal

If You Sell Technology, It’s Time to Get Personal

If you sell technology, it s time to get personal

Want to sell more? Get personal.

79% of all the technology and telecommunication businesses we’ve assessed globally in the last few years have designed their sales processes to target IT users exclusively. More shockingly, only 21% of them target both IT and business users.


How do we know it matters?

The numbers don’t lie. Our multi-lingual, multi-geographic team has developed strategies and programs for the technology sector for many years. We’ve helped countless businesses like yours improve their customer experience and implement business model transformations. At Alinea Partners we have dissected the sales processes of 450+ businesses around the world, carefully and methodologically assessing more than 160 elements of their buying, customer and sales journeys.

Purchasing power is shifting

We know you know how to sell to your technology counterparts. But we also know that’s not enough. Not if you’re part of the 79% who only address IT counterparts.

Technology has become essential to virtually every part of every business. Websites, apps, content, branding, marketing, online presence, sales platforms, sales processes, customer reviews, you name it: digitalization has provided many more options to reach customers on their terms than ever before. The paramount importance that digitization has acquired within businesses across the board has created a shift in purchasing power to non-technology stakeholders. This shift, by the way, seems to be here to stay. And the fact that only 21% of businesses understand the importance of addressing all kinds of users should be cause for alarm.

Reports show that IT outsourcing will grow from $42B in 2018 to $72B in 2022. Shadow IT through SaaS Application adoption and roll your own IT Services is generating new buyers outside of the IT departments who have business directives, growth mandates, and money of their own to spend.

Does your sales process influence your buyers’ decisions?

Unsurprisingly, our research shows that using relevant messages is crucial to influence buying decisions. Moreover, this should be done with both business and technology users in mind. Still, many businesses continue to operate without assessing the clarity of their messages and how effectively those messages address their buyers.

Competition has been tough enough in a world where technology companies wrestle for the attention of IT-savvy buyers. This new shift in purchasing power to business users is testing the technology sector like it’s never been tested before. Business users have been well taken care of by the non-technology sector for years. They have learned to expect seamless buying processes with personalized messages that understand their wants and needs. As a technology seller, your challenge is to learn how to speak to them without leaving your valuable IT user on the sidelines.

So, how does your sales process look like? IT-focused or are you reaching out to new buyers?