How to sell Azure… without selling Azure?

How to sell Azure… without selling Azure?

How to sell Azure

As you probably know by now, growing an Azure business has its challenges. One of the most common mistakes is to get into a technical discussion with your clients instead of a strategic one.

We can hear you think: “But how am I supposed to sell Azure without taking the technological aspect into account?”

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to sell Azure without even mentioning its name.


Practically, it comes down to attracting the right partners, understanding your target audiences’ business, and focusing on business outcomes. These and more steps for successfully growing your Azure business are provided in Alinea Partners’ Azure Acceleration programs.

Our programs are based on research of 100s of #Microsoft partners worldwide, giving us a unique, multi-dimensional view of an #Azure sale. Learn about non-technical customer needs and sales process transformations to improve your sales, get new offers and shorten the time to close deals up to 90%.

Find our programs at the following link: And you too will see, selling Azure without selling Azure is truly possible!

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