How many times do you get asked to calculate approximate costs?

How many times do you get asked to calculate approximate costs?

Alinea Partners

A simple ‘back of the envelope’ calculation?

Quite often.

Particularly, if you are selling Azure.

For Azure, the acceleration of smart conversations can swiftly shift from sales engagement to proposal to close – if the right conversation takes place. Using the Smart Azure Calculator and sales approaches different from the majority of the market, such as Alinea Partners’ Azure Business Outcome training – you will close more business – faster. Participating companies have shown up to 90% increases in time to close.

Seems simple, but how does this work?

The Smart Azure Calculator can shorten the sales process by rapidly generating approximate costs for a simple back of the envelope calculation. This is crucial as it not only improves sales efficiency, but it also allows you to have Smart Azure Conversations based on business-related outcomes.

And who should use it?

IT resellers selling to businesses big and small. The Smart Azure Calculator can assist you in accelerating your prospects’ and clients’ Azure migrations.

Intrigued to test the tool?

Contact us for a 1-pager or schedule a session with us about the details of the tool.

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