Findings & Benefits



Each Partners’ Buying Experience is unique and should be shopped objectively for actionable results, but below are some general findings from the programme:

  • Missed new revenue opportunities with upgrades, new versions and EOL
  • Many webpages assume the Buyer is fully aware of what the cloud is and what solution they want to buy. New Buyers are looking for consultative information on websites and in sales discussions
  • Solutions mismatched to targeted new Buyer’s needs
  • Unclear sales strategies for cross and upsell offers and managed services
  • An over emphasis on installed base vs. new Buyer pipeline building
  • Highs and lows of consultative and technical selling skills; on average not optimised
  • Awkward and sometimes overly expensive automation processes based on unclear definitions of where in the Journey (web/chat/email/telephone) sales support should apply various selling, consultative and closing techniques
  • 80% of experiences did not include Solution landing pages or business outcome focused messaging to meet the needs of today’s Buyer
  • Lack of proactivity in +60% lead to abandoned sales
  • Interesting cloud tutorials and demos, some great customer testimonials and creative SQL licensing and leasing programmes
  • Easy to fix proposal challenges
  • Top Notch website examples, sales engineers, criteria setting processes, and proposals also found.


  • Provides an objective, unique, detailed series of areas where Partners excel and areas for improvement in the sales process from the Buyer’s perspective
  • Measures service performance
  • Brings the ‘voice of the Buyer’ to the sales strategy and process
  • Reinforces strengths in the Buyer’s experience
  • Provides actionable feedback from frontline operations
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities
  • Identifies new business, cross and upsell opportunities
  • Provides insights into Buyer’s interaction with and understanding of solution,terms and processes
  • Delivers funding guidance for improvement GTM plans.