Feeling Abandoned? How Many Potential Buyers Have You Lost This Week?

Feeling Abandoned? How Many Potential Buyers Have You Lost This Week?

Only 18% of those who can be found online can close the sale once a buyer gets to them.

Still true today: It’s not good enough to offer a great product or service if you cannot close the sale. We’ve all heard how important being findable online is (and we hope you’re taking care of that), but understanding the journey prospects take to buy from you and where they decide to discontinue it, that’s crucial.

How do we know? It is our business to know. Through our Secret Shopper Program, we’ve helped global companies such as Microsoft, Motorola Solutions, global service providers, telecommunications providers and other leading technology companies stop losing sales by understanding and adapting to how their consumers think while they buy. We’ve secret-shopped 300+ companies in more than 20 languages, using 160+ parameters with a proven methodology. That has allowed us to uncover a wealth of insights, best practices, and benchmarks.

The tip of the iceberg:

·        52% of the companies assessed did not deliver a proposal.

·        36% of sales representatives did not lead the prospect through the buyer’s journey.

·        62% did not use case studies to their advantage.

·        59% made no use of purchase triggers during the sales process.

·        45% let go of additional revenue by failing to provide additional value through upselling.

·        Only 33% of all secret shopper experiences led to a favorable purchase decision.

Why is it so important to adapt? Well, the days in which a sales pitch was enough are gone.

By making recommended improvements to buying journeys, companies have seen up to 30% YOY revenue increases and other commercially beneficial improvements.

Remember, only 18% have overcome the modern sales challenges. That’s where you want to be. Think about it again. Do you truly fit into your buyers’ journey or are you letting the competition eat your share of the pie? Let us tell you for sure, and help you fix it.

To hear more about our offers, to access benchmarks, best practices, and the learnings gathered through our thorough Secret Shopper analysis, contact us at Customer.Experience@Alinea-Partners.com.