Face-to-Face vs. Digital Sales

Face-to-Face vs. Digital Sales

Face-to-face vs. digital sales.

Which one wins?

We’ll give you a hint. It all depends on your customer’s needs.

Here’s an example.

Recently, we Shopped a company that was insistent on face-to-face sales interactions as part of their customer experience philosophy. Deals were never closed over the phone. So when we wanted to purchase a simple software service – which we would’ve been happy to buy online –, their sales rep drove across the city, had a 1-hour coffee with us, said we’d get a proposal soon, and drove all the way back.

Months down the line, and we’re still waiting.

So what went wrong?

First, the amount of time it took to drive 2 hours there and back again, to not close a deal, is anything but profitable.

Second, their desired customer experience is not aligned to what buyers actually want. It’s losing them money.

Third, it is not a scalable business model. It is a “do it a handful of times or hire more sales people” approach.

Companies need to find that combination of understanding what their buyers truly want and which business model and sales strategy is most profitable at the same time. When those two things meet, the question of face-to-face or digital sales answers itself.

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