Due Diligence Call Spells Sales Success

Due Diligence Call Spells Sales Success

Smart businesses put a lot of effort into analysing their sales approaches and trying to fine-tune the sales process. But it takes a really deep dive into the sales process to find out the truth. Alinea Partners has done that, and reached a very clear conclusion. Success in sales hinges on how sales executives approach one crucial point. That point is the first call to a prospective client, and the secret of making it work lies in due diligence.

The correlation between due diligence on that first call and closing the deal is remarkable. Research conducted by Alinea Partners demonstrates that if a sales representative can hit the right buttons with the first call there is an 82% chance that the sale will go through. Alinea Partners Secret Shopper Programme, a meticulous study of a real buying process proves this important fact.

How do you ensure that the critical first call produces results? Taking it very seriously is an important starting point. Alinea Partners refers to this call by a formal title, the Due Diligence Call. And in preparation for the Due Diligence Call Alinea Partners has an exhaustive list of steps that need to be taken to create an extremely favourable first impression. The seller who means business thinks about things from the buyer’s perspective, studying how easy it is for that buyer to find an offer online and getting to grips with the industry that the buyer is working in.

Getting The Picture

A successful first call will involve questions that unearth a clear picture of the buyer’s situation.  These should give the sales agent a very good idea of just what is that the buyer hopes to achieve by taking up the offer. Successful sales efforts spring from dedicated research into the buyer. That research gives the seller a clear view of numerous factors that will influence a prospective buyer, such as how comfortable they may be with cloud solutions or how significant data protection issues are in their industry.

The seller that applies due diligence to that first call finds that he or she is leading the sales journey. They will know exactly what business goal their buyer wants to attain and will understand how their offer will allow the buyer to meet that goal.

This truth is evident at said the CEO of a Microsoft Partner “We knew we needed to fix our sales and marketing processes, we just did not know where to start.”

The Due Diligence Call should lay the foundations for trust between the seller and the buyer. That trust translates into loyalty and a long-term relationship that the seller maintains by staying in touch and offering assistance to the buyer. The sales journey does not end with a purchase, and just as the first call cannot be left to chance the evolving relationship also merits care and attention to detail.

Alinea Partners has tracked that relationship though a series of phases that commence with the all-important Due Diligence Call and progress through the purchase of the offer to usage and long-term support. At every juncture in this journey it has identified key actions that take the sales journey to a successful conclusion.

Unique Method

Above all, this is a forensic approach. This is what sets Alinea Partners’ work apart. It has created a Due Diligence Checklist, an invaluable tool that allows the seller to focus their energies on getting contact with the prospective buyer absolutely right.

Applying this approach has delivered impressive results for businesses working in highly competitive sectors. “Optimize Secret Shopper showed us just how accessible we are, and where we had to improve accessibility. It allowed us to measure how we performed from the customer point of view and also from different stages within the buying process.” notes Patrik Lannerberg, Sales and Marketing Manager of TeleComputing Sweden.

Alinea Partners’ deep dive into the life of a sales journey shows how to avoid falling short and losing the deal. The all-important Due Diligence Call is the foundation for sales success. The Secret Shopper Programme builds on that foundation and tracks the sales process all the way to the right conclusion.

Alinea Partners Secret Shopper Programme opens the lid on a sales process that too many businesses leave to chance. It provides a scientific analysis of the whole sales journey based on an exhaustive 160 point assessment. Using a carefully constructed persona it reveals how a buyer experiences a sales offer. Secret Shopper drills down into every relevant detail, including how calls, emails and website visits are all perceived. Alinea Partners has analysed hundreds of sales journeys taken worldwide using the Secret Shopper Programme.