Does your website appeal to today’s buyer?

Does your website appeal to today’s buyer?

How your potential buyers experience your company’s buyer journey may be different to how you think they do.
Can you be found by today’s prospects? And once they find you, can you close them in-person and virtually, depending on what is needed?

Our secret shopping program measures the sales moments that matter for hundreds of companies worldwide every year.

Does your website appeal to today’s buyer?

More than 50% of high growth companies use gated content to determine the buyer’s point in the buyer journey. If a buyer is willing to provide contact information, they are interested in engaging to some level. Determine your gated content strategy!

Reviews/referrals are crucial: today’s buyer wants to read about what others are sharing about their experiences. To promote engagement, establish a process for an ongoing series of case studies/testimonials that reflect your brand purpose and differentiator.

Make sure your website presents relevant visual content! Videos or infographics that visualize your offered solutions or propositions will increase your chances of landing a sale.

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