Discovering the hidden gems in the sales journey: What Really Matters

Discovering the hidden gems in the sales journey: What Really Matters

Discovering the hidden gems in the sales journey

We’re probably all familiar with the journey, whether you call it a sales journey, a buyer’s journey, a prospect’s journey. But on the road from consideration to purchase, in getting to the end of the journey as quickly as possible, your salespeople may overlook some hidden gems in getting there in style. Here are some gems to think about…

Who are you talking to?

This might sound obvious to any seasoned salesperson, but it’s important to do your research and to do it before you begin your conversation with the prospect. Consider what steps they have gone through to end up on your prospect list.

Take the time to find out whom you are talking to, what they do and who and what they care about in their business. Sometimes this is called qualification, but it’s more than that, it’s homework that can give you an advantage. The outcome is that your interaction can end up a cameo role or you play a bigger part in their success story. Understanding more about them can tip the balance in your favor.


Don’t just listen for key words that flip a switch to allow you to start your elevator pitch, instead actively listen. Active listening is hard, so it can take practice. Ask questions. Use these initial conversations to explore the sales potential by guiding the conversation rather than driving it.

Kill/close down time-wasting conversations

This one can be a little controversial. Marketing have spent dollars on getting that prospect to your call sheet, plus there’s always the hope that this one just needs more time to convert… But really it is OK, in fact, it’s preferable, to close a lead that isn’t really a lead. If you kill it now, then your company spends no more time and money putting the contact into a nurturing program.

Give people space

However, I have to caveat the previous point by saying it’s important to give your prospect space. At this point, they may not know what they want, and they may even end up not wanting what you are selling. But all is not lost. Even if as soon as the phone call ends, you are going to hit kill/close lead, you can still give people some space. Actively listen, be interested and treat them with kindness and courtesy, and with only a small effort on your part you’ve contributed to another person thinking well of you and your company and saying good things to their network.

Break down the wall

No-one goes to work wanting to do a bad job, so if you find yourself in a sales office where a common theme is rants of “all these leads are garbage, I don’t know why marketing send them to me”, then break down the wall – go find your marketing person and start a conversation about what you define as an opportunity and help each other be more successful. You may find the most valuable hidden gem in the journey is the marketing team just down the hall.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful; you can find out more about sales journey enablement and what we do HERE.