Did you know sales is changing… right NOW?

Did you know sales is changing… right NOW?

Alinea Partners

Are you ready to change with it?

The global crisis caused a massive shift in B2B sales. It made us change our sales approaches from mostly analog to completely digital. With more online sales came more online data. And yet, we see that many companies don’t have a hold on their – very valuable – data.

This effects not only their upsell capabilities, but also their customer lifecycle management scope as well as the maximization of customer share of wallet. Our inhouse research of +450 companies globally shows that organizations are still missing a lot of opportunities to improve their sales strategy. Here are just a few of them:

🎯 Use a good CRM system
🎯 Put your customer data in one source
🎯 Regularly refresh and analyze your data
🎯 Conduct sales and marketing initiatives using your data
🎯 Add non-technical parameters to your data sets

Here lies a huge opportunity for companies and their channel partners to step-up and capture, understand, and use their expanding online data to increase their revenue and profitability. To change – together with their customers.

We’re writing history at this very moment. Make sure you’re on the right side of it.

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