Did you know Microsoft grew Azure 50% last quarter?

Did you know Microsoft grew Azure 50% last quarter?

Azure Postcard

Hello Paul,

How are you?

We’re having a great time here at home – enjoying the nice weather, home-made foods and quality time. We miss you, though…

Did you know Microsoft grew Azure 50% last quarter?

This got us thinking, did your Azure practice grow by the same? And if you have them, what about your partners?

Are you set to capture your share of that business?

Are you able to drive the right business related conversations with prospects and customers to generate Azure business? Are you meeting your Azure goals?

Are your customers going to be the same in the next 36 months?

Let’s catch-up. Alinea Partners works with 100s of Microsoft partners every year. We have a lot of Azure Benchmarking and Best Practice data that we are happy to share.

Just contact us for a free 20-minute Azure check-in and we’ll setup a Teams call to discuss your Azure goals.

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