Dancing with the… Alinea Partners team!

Dancing with the… Alinea Partners team!

Dancing Alinea Partners

From one talented team member we jump right to the other. Ksenia Klubova is one of our most versatile associates – as you might’ve guessed looking at this picture!

Apart from her work for Alinea Partners, Ksenia spends her time dancing and teaching aerial arts classes. The latter manages to get her in fun and unexpected situations from time to time.

Just recently, she had the chance to teach a pole dance class to 10 male executives from a big company as part of a team-building exercise. Not only did she teach them to climb the pole, but also to do a handstand. So, if you’re looking for a surprisingly fun and different team-building activity, you know where to go!

You may have to travel a bit for that though, since Ksenia is currently living in Dubai. If the circumstances were different, you’d probably find her in a good restaurant somewhere in France or Italy, enjoying the Mediterranean food and drinks. Or maybe even in her hometown, Saint-Petersburg. But, only in summer. 😉

Although we’re approaching winter, we’ve already got sunshine on our minds thanks to Ksenia. As does Rodrigo Camacho, next in line for Meet the Team. Keep posted!

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