Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Would your customers say you provide them with excellent customer experience?

Think twice before you say yes.

Did you know that while 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer experiences, only 8% of their customers agree?

Where does this discrepancy come from?

There are many reasons why a buyer might choose to abandon the buying journey and not purchase from you. So many in fact, it’s almost impossible to consider them all when thinking or talking about customer experience.

In our Secret Shopper programme, we assess more than 160 elements along the buying journey. We often see that once companies actively invest in customer experience, they are seeing up to 30% increase in revenue growth for the solution we’ve assessed them for.

Just think about how there are still 72% of CEOs out there that could gain the same growth, if only their customer experience was truly superior!

To put this in perspective, let’s turn this question around. How many companies you purchase from, provide you with excellent customer experience?