6 Best practices in Customer Engagement Management

6 Best practices in Customer Engagement Management

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware that offering the best CEM is critical tot heir bottom line and sustainable profitability. They are paying growing attention to innovative initiatives such as sales impact and customer reference programmes, which can greatly improve buyer attraction and conversion into customers and many are eager to take advantage of all the opportunities such programs offer.

In our experience in just the last 6 months, having shopped more than 50 companies, we are seeing the emergence of some best practice. A few of them are here:

SEO – Search engine optimization to make the discovery of a company and its offers as easy as possible. Very often when an offer and a country name are used as Search terms, a competitor’s homepage or even a large IT provider’s homepage surfaces first. Successful companies here also look at logical Search keywords around business outcomes: business expansion, data recovery or new market service providers.

Testimonials or references from happy customers are often forgotten or considered ‘difficult to get.’ Buyers pay more attention to referrals and experience descriptions than ever before. Just consider the last time you bought a new product or used a service. You want to know what others are saying about the experience.

A sales rep who actually takes time to perform due diligence on a buyer and ask about their business goals and current environment instead of only asking what they currently have or are using is highly competitive. Journeys that are led by the sales rep increase the buying experience significantly.

Professional proposals that have industry standard elements as well as a unique factor that differentiates your company and speaks to the buyer addressing their business needs will win more business than emails with a price list.

Those are just a few, but in order to illustrate all the different potential touchpoints where a buyer could buy or abandon the sale, in the next article we’ll go step by step through the customer journey.

There are many more reasons to focus on Customer Engagement, of course. Contact us here: Customer.Experience@Alinea-Partners.com and we’ll tell you all about it.