CEO Leahanne Hobson has a story to tell you

CEO Leahanne Hobson has a story to tell you


CEO Leahanne Hobson has a story to tell you

Recently, a lovely hotel we stayed at missed the chance to delight us and gave us a ‘story’ to tell whenever referring to them to others.

After 2 lovely days, we decided to leave a bit early as I woke up on our departing day ill from the genuinely delicious meal we enjoyed the night before.

My husband explained to the staff that we would not take breakfast. Instead, we asked if we could take some of their delicious homemade bread for later.

They gladly gave us some bread for the ride home.

In the car, my husband confirmed that they charged us for 2 breakfasts and €7 for the loaf of bread.

Now, I get that they need to make a living. And particularly now, things are challenging. However, we had just spent 2 wonderful days at their hotel enjoying ourselves, but also supporting them.

It would have been very reasonable to discount 1 breakfast as my husband was not ill and could have eaten. Or, they could have eaten the cost for the €7 bread and left us feeling that we received a bit of special treatment at a low cost for them.

The story would have ended much better with ‘And they wished that I was better very soon and packed some warm bread for us to take on our way… until our next visit.’